International Wealth Accounts Ltd (IWA) is a modern company aligned with the financial and digital realities of today. Magnus Jacobsson, the founder of IWA has over 25 years of experience in equity and derivatives markets worldwide. The company was earlier registered in Hong Kong but is now registered in BVI.

We are co-operating with various financial institutions in a network as a so-called layer-player, meaning we work together with bigger players in different jurisdictions who offer trading platforms and relevant licenses from the local authorities.

The customer pays only when we have achieved a positive result. The only fee the client pays is a part of the profit.

We are experts in equities and low risk strategies (Covered call strategies) and have vast experience in many stock markets around the world. Our expert knowledge, combined with our extensive network, mean we can find many interesting investment opportunities.

IWA works with a limited number of customers to be able to provide the best service. IWA offers customers long-term and stable returns. For the moment, all stock market-related business is conducted in a separate jurisdiction due to international regulations.

We are also focused on digitalization and its effects on individual companies and in different industries.  In the finance sector, new technology is rapidly changing the whole industry including banks and asset management companies. New players can easily scale-up and find customers for a very low cost if they have an interesting service to offer. We use our knowledge in the existing asset management process but also to develop new projects.

We are working on finding solutions that can solve problems with pension systems which in almost all countries in the world are underfunded.

Under the name EasyPension we aim to offer automated asset management solutions (robo-advisor) for the mass market in several places worldwide, including mainland China.

We aim to use our historical successful model portfolio based on the niches in which we are specialized. Please contact us at if you are interested in asset management solutions for your clients or if you are interested to become involved in our robo-advisor project.