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About the founder Magnus Jacobsson


International Wealth Accounts Ltd was founded by Magnus Jacobsson, who specializes in international equity markets and equity derivatives. Magnus has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has been in the international financial industry for more than 25 years.

Magnus has started several companies over the years, among them The Swedish Convertible Institute which traded Swedish personnel convertibles in the 1990s. Magnus was also involved in the incorporation of Optionsteknik AB, which was a stock and option trading company. Magnus also founded Shanghai International Partners Ltd., doing Chinese advisory and European equity investments between 1996-2013, which was then superseded by International Wealth Accounts Ltd.


Early in his career, he was Head of Market Making for equity derivatives at Servisen Trading AB, one of the largest and most successful market makers in Sweden at that time. He was recruited to Switzerland (QT Optec AG, a subsidiary of Servisen Trading AB) as a market maker and helped QT Optec to start up the first Luxembourg-based equity fund with a license to use stock options as price fall protection on the major European stock exchanges. He was responsible, as fund manager, for their funds Europtec Equity Protection and Europtec Bond Protection.
Magnus was then recruited as head trader for the Dutch bank Mees Piersons’ Swedish equities and derivatives business.


Magnus moved to China in 1995 and was the first, and for many years the only, foreigner working for a state owned Chinese investment bank inside China, China Securities Co., Ltd. Together with Skandia, Sweden’s largest insurance company, he co-founded the first equity fund focusing on shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Skandia China Mainland Equity Fund.

Magnus has created several investment products together with larger institutions. Together with Swedbank, he created a guaranteed index-linked bond for Swedish investors wanting to invest in the mainland Chinese stock exchanges (Shanghai and Shenzhen). He has also assisted high net worth individuals and institutions to create and manage stock portfolios in the mainland Chinese stock markets and helped many customers to sell OTC options as protection against their Chinese shares.

Magnus was heavily involved in Chinese and European equities until 2005, when the cooperation between China Securities Co., Ltd and Skandia Mainland Equity Fund ceased. After that, he focused on asset management for a few large customers and his own investments, which also have led to the funding of several real estate projects.


The past year’s stock market turbulence has created a demand from many customers who want a portfolio with less volatility and more stable returns. Magnus therefore decided to found International Wealth Accounts Ltd (IWA). IWA does not target individual investors, apart from selected High Net Worth Individuals. IWA operates on the basis of strategic co-operation with institutions in different jurisdictions that have the necessary licenses to target smaller end-clients.

Please contact us at info@wealthaccounts.com for more information