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We are always interested in establishing co-operation in asset management with companies that have a sound long-term approach to the investment business and always put the client return first.

Digitalization leads gradually towards full transparency on what goes on inside all financial institutions and service companies, so it is our strong opinion that it is better to adjust now by openly showing all fees etc. Please contact us if you are interested in our skills in asset management or if you are interested in participating in the newly-started digital revolution in asset management as described below.


The financial world is being reshaped at a speed that the world has never seen before. The new technology in combination with extremely low costs for handling additional clients opens the market up for new players that are disrupting the financial arena permanently.

Those who have new-developed technology or have something to add in the form of financial knowledge have a bright future. Established players with old technology and sales channels must act in order to not be left behind when new hungry players reach the market with low costs.

We have unique asset management knowledge and don’t mind to use that in a co-operation with tech companies and/or financial institutions with an API solution and the necessary licenses for the target market. We wish to establish a semi- or fully automated digitalized asset management service (robo-advisor) which is more advanced then the standardized index solutions that have begun to flood the markets in the US and the UK. The cost for clients should be at the same low level or preferably in the form of a performance fee only, with no fixed fees at all, which we are convinced will become the standard fee structure in the future.

Most pension systems in the world today are underfinanced and increased private savings is in the interest of every individual who wants to have a secure and comfortable life in their older days. Also the governments in many countries have a long-term interest in supporting private savings as otherwise the state will be left holding the bag.

Therefore, under the name EasyPension, we are developing an easy and attractive solution, targeting depositors in many countries around the world, including mainland China.

If this sounds interesting, please send an email to